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Not aware or cognizant.

un′a·ware′ly adv.
un′a·ware′ness n.
Usage Note: Unaware, followed by a prepositional phrase with of (expressed or implied), is the usual adjectival form modifying a noun or pronoun or following a linking verb: Unaware of the difficulty, I went ahead. She plunged into a dangerous situation wholly unaware. He was unaware of my presence. Unawares is the usual adverbial form: The rain caught them unawares (without warning). They came upon it unawares (without design or plan).
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Without adequate preparation:
Idiom: by surprise.
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They only beg the reader/interpreter/writer's humility--her/himself, perhaps, unawarely endangered, unconsciously repressive of a sense of victimhood, a survivor.
prevents me from unawarely using psychological tricks such as
I regard that clinging to the constructs of "certainty" and identity as evidence that most Western workers have unawarely committed themselves to fundamental theoretical errors (Perls, Hefferline, & Goodman, 1951, pp.