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1. Lacking backing or support.
2. Not having a back.
3. Never having been ridden, as a horse.


1. (of a book, chair, etc) not having a back
2. bereft of support, esp on a financial basis
3. (Horse Racing) (of a horse)
a. not supported by bets
b. never having been ridden



1. without backing or support.
2. not endorsed.
3. (of a horse) never having been ridden.
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Adj.1.unbacked - unsupported by other peopleunbacked - unsupported by other people    
unsupported - not sustained or maintained by nonmaterial aid; "unsupported accusations"


[ˈʌnˈbækt] ADJsin respaldo (Fin) → al descubierto
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00 Chelmsford SP forecast 11-10 Didn't beat a rival on first two maiden starts and then managed only tenth of 13 on third, but returned two weeks ago after being gelded over the summer and wasn't unbacked when scoring at 11-2.
First, Turner fails to reach the crux of the problem of our financial system, which is government intervention in the form of privileges given to banks to create new loans unbacked by real savings.
Tenders are invited for Unbacked Flexible Pvc Sheet Flooring
Fitness has to be taken on trust, but she was not unbacked on that occasion, which is encouraging, as is the fact she beat White Witch further than Blue Bayou did at Haydock.
BOOKIES reckon England will remain unchanged for the third Test - in which case they will also remain unbacked.
Pakistan has lauded the UNbacked initiative that seeks to promote better crosscultural relations worldwide, and called for stepped up efforts to promote interfaith harmony.
The sixth suspect gave cheques unbacked by any balace to his credit in the bank.
If he does not, the deal could be enforced by UNbacked sanctions or military force.
The infusion of new unbacked dollars into the economy waters down the value of all existing Federal Reserve Notes.
It is not too late yet for Lebanese leaders to take a quick decision to halt Lebanon's slide toward instability as a result of the UNbacked Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), Ghassan Charbel, editor-in-chief of the Saudi-owned newspaper AL HAYAT, said in a front-page editorial on Monday.
And unbacked money had also been tried many times in the past as well.
Earthtex unbacked fibers are Cradle-to-Cradle silver certified by MBDC for reduced environmental impact and increased human safety.