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Adj.1.unbaptised - not having undergone the Christian ritual of baptismunbaptised - not having undergone the Christian ritual of baptism
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Funny how something can be a sin one month and not the next but, then again, weren't the faithful led a merry dance by teaching that unbaptised babies went to Limbo.
A School Admissions Bill is currently before the Oireachtas, but Mr Monahan is concerned it does not address the issue of discrimination against unbaptised children he wants amended.
Frankenstein", of course, is the name of the architect of the monster; the monster himself is unbaptised.
They discuss such topics as the burial of Catholics after the Reformation, the interment of the excommunicated and the resting places of the unbaptised.
It found several burials, including those of infants - perhaps unbaptised - outside the chapel walls.
Unbelievers, no doubt, unidentified corpses; or unbaptised people, like stillborn babies.
The most interesting to me were Tennyson's more vehement repudiation of eternal punishment-"St Augustin's descriptions of unbaptised infants crawling in everlasting torture revolts any mind of the present day.
It must be clearly acknowledged that the Church does not have sure knowledge about the salvation of unbaptised infants who die.
God forbid the premature baby should die unbaptised, it would raise hell with the burial and the afterlife.
The dearth of priests in rural areas has consequences in the increasing numbers of unbaptised children and young couples cohabiting outside marriage.
What follows are scenes of a devil's orgy that depicts evil behemoths performing human sacrifices, food being prepared from unbaptised children, witches kissing the devil's behind, nudity and fornication.
Limbo was where the souls of unbaptised infants were kept in a sort of "Catholics-only creche", until last year when it was airbrushed by Catholic teachings because, well, who could believe it?