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A case in point is La Huerta, where teachers have observed how some kids would go out of their homes naked or report to Eskwelayan unbathed.
The report also revealed that some of the most vulnerable patients were left unbathed, despite requests from family members.
The report also revealed some of the most vulnerable patients were left unbathed, despite requests from family.
But that said, I don't recommend going around unbathed, carrying a club, and knocking all the girls you fancy on the head and dragging her to your cave just because you're "being yourself.
Instead, he was confronted with "unspeakably wretched European trains, foul with neglect, stinking from the sweat of the unwashed, unbathed refugees jamming them full, with no water to drink, I thought of the horrible hotels at the journeys' ends.
Washington, July 18 ( ANI ): A couple in southwest Ohio, US, locked their 12-year-old daughter in the basement of their house for nearly a month, unbathed and starved until her ribs were clearly visible, police said.
They paid full price, but the young dreadlocked woman working the night shift had tried to sneak an unbathed European onto a cot in their room one evening while they were at dinner.
The packed space did indeed reek of raw sewage, unbathed bodies, and marijuana.
But while the "purdah" had a nice style element, it was patently obvious who was who--the Americans and British had been staying at safe houses in the city, were obviously getting daily showers, and their air of cleanliness made then stand out from their unbathed Northern Alliance allies.
I was fired, unbathed, and weary-eyed, wearing my thick nerdish glasses.
An unbathed, thirty-ish women in what could be her pajamas sipping a Bloody Mary at an Uptown tavern, shoving wads of dollar bills from her meager savings in a poker machine and crying to Elvis' version of Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away well before sundown.
Instinctively and before I was sure of the veracity of this hoax, one of my immediate reactions to all this was on the level of why don't they go after all the unbathed people in horrible cheap and grubby suits dish-dashes or chadours.