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Impossible to defeat or surpass: an unbeatable team; an unbeatable sales record.

un·beat′a·bly adv.


in an unbeatable or undefeatable manner
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10m class that saw just three combinations make it through to the final jump-off, it was Lucinda Stewart, from Ayr, who picked up the pace on board her 11-year-old bay gelding Glow DK to post an unbeatably fast double clear in 53.
Dacolts software guarantees engineers a highly accurate prediction of the combustion process in an unbeatably short time, said Gotthard Rainer, Vice President AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies.
After Mark Wright opted not to repeat the horror of his unbeatably appalling Hollywood Nights and Party Wright Around The World, the field was wide open.
I thought they would look marvelous and be unbeatably functional.
Told in lively rhyming verse with hilarious comic illustrations, this picture book makes for an unbeatably boisterous read-aloud with a gentle underlying message.
Abu Dhabi's strategy of offering irresistible incentives in the form of discounts on flights and accommodation, access to state-of-the-art facilities, along with its unbeatably convenient geo-location, is enabling the best of international creative skills in movie-making to engage with it.
Behold Kleenex Ultra Soft, they really are unbeatably soft and prevent little – and big – noses from getting sore.
The Q400 NextGen turboprop is ideally-suited to service China's vast geography, delivering unbeatably low operating costs, superb reliability to support high utilization operations, high payload capability and excellent short-haul range.
But questions hang around unbeatably whether U Thein Sein recognizes working together with people-based CSOs since Myanmar is a member of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN).
Despite the weather, the finalists kept up a tremendous degree of excellence in their bowling and Margaret produced an amazing shot to a hidden fulllength jack, using a short wood to deflect her running wood on to the jack, forcing the jack into the ditch and her wood finishing unbeatably next to it.
The classic unbeatably durable Long Edge largely reduces the working face width.
Guido Hegener, managing director of EMAG Salach Maschinenfabrik, "Changing workpieces on this machine is unbeatably fast, owing to the fact that the traverse between work spindle 1 and work spindle 2 is minimal.