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1. Not appropriate, attractive, or flattering: an unbecoming dress.
2. Not in accord with the standards implied by one's character or position: conduct unbecoming an officer. See Synonyms at unseemly.

un′be·com′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.unbecomingly - without decorousnessunbecomingly - without decorousness      
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Then, as he was going to advance again, he checked himself, not from the fear that he was doing her injustice, but from a sense of the danger of appearing unbecomingly exhilarated by this sudden revulsion from cautious criticism.
In fact there was but one person in Rosamond's world whom she did not regard as blameworthy, and that was the graceful creature with blond plaits and with little hands crossed before her, who had never expressed herself unbecomingly, and had always acted for the best--the best naturally being what she best liked.
He saw that she was behaving unbecomingly, and considered it his duty to tell her so.
Godfrey at a most unladylike rate of speed, with her hair shockingly untidy, and her face, what I should call, unbecomingly flushed.
Has it to keep genuflecting so unbecomingly all the time before this outfit whose brigands have their hands deep red all over with the innocent blood of this land's babies and toddlers, children and youth, and women and men, who all were killed heartlessly by the outfit's murder squads for no sin or crime of theirs?