1. Not yet begotten; as yet unborn.
2. Self-existent; eternal.


(ˌʌnbɪˈɡɒtən) or


1. not begotten; not yet made or born
2. (Theology) theol not created; having no beginning; eternal
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1-3: "You must not imagine that the unbegotten God Himself came down or went up from any place.
There is then, a substantial Cause (which is) unbegotten and begets; and there is a substantial Cause (which is) begotten and does not beget; and also [there is] a substantial Cause which proceeds and is not unbegotten nor begotten nor begetting; and the three substantial Causes are one, and one essential Cause" (49).
For next to God, we worship and love the Word who is from the unbegotten and ineffable God, since also He became man for our sakes, that, becoming a partaker of our sufferings, He might also bring us healing.
Joe, named for the most famous illegitimate father in the New Testament, in his much discussed last name, "Christmas," recalls that father's unbegotten son's birthday.
63) It is imperative to follow the correct order when speaking of the one substance: "He will be safe in asserting the one substance if he has first said that the Father is unbegotten, that the Son is born, that he draws his subsistence from the Father, that he is like the Father in power, honor, and nature.
God himself was known variously as the Perfect AEnon, The Beginning, Depth, or Before the Beginning, names that suggest His unbegotten and eternal nature.
a) Dead shalt thou lie for ever, and forgotten, For whom the flowers of song have never bloomed; A wanderer amidst the unbegotten, In Hades' house a shadow by entombed.
6) Unbegotten and imperishable, what is in the Parmenidean view of things distances itself from the Ionian view of nature that sees the world-order as coming into being and passing away.
If any should say that the Son is ingenerate and without origin, as though to make two gods by speaking of two without beginning, two ingenerates and two unbegotten (duo innata), let him be anathema.
for many a thousand widows Shall this his mock mock out of their dear husbands, Mock mothers from their sons, mock castles down, And some are yet unbegotten and unborn That shall have cause to curse the Dauphin's scorn.
The disagreement came over how to reconcile the primacy of Christ with the transcendence of an unbegotten deity.
3), and whether it belongs to the Father alone to be unbegotten (a.