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1. Not having or using a seat belt: tests of unbelted dummies at various impact speeds.
2. Made or designed to be worn without a belt: She favors unbelted jackets.
3. Having no belt or having a belt that isn't buckled or tied: "wearing a midnight blue silk robe, unbelted, which swirled and flowed around her body" (Walter Kleine).
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Adj.1.unbelted - lacking a beltunbelted - lacking a belt; "unbelted jackets are in this season"
belted - having or provided with a belt; "a belted dress"
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As he had said, on a camp bed, dressed in his black doublet, booted, unbelted, with his felt hat beside him, lay the king, overcome by sleep and fatigue.
As a rule, the proprietor of Harrow House unbelted without complaint, for Bertie, as every good borrower should, had that knack of making his victim feel during the actual moment of paying over, as if he had just made a rather good investment.
Unbelted occupants sustained fatal injuries throughout the whole speed scale, whereas none of the belted occupants were fatally injured at accident speeds below 60 mph.
The lack of public awareness is striking - unbelted children in the back seats, use of mobile phones while driving are a common sight.
Companies specialized in manufacturing and developing car safety measures also suggest that front-seat passengers are at greater risk, in case airbags inflate while they are unbelted.
All were essentially unbelted magnums with little body taper, and faster than normal for the day.
1984) reported that the required force to cut the stretched stalks was 50% less than that of unbelted stalks.
The report reveals that far too many truck drivers dont use their seat belts even though we know that half of the unbelted truck drivers who have died in road accidents would have survived, had they been wearing their seat belts, says Carl Johan Almqvist.
The Weatherby has an edge in velocity, while the Nosier has a more modern unbelted case.
I unbelted myself and dropped down and managed to get out the car.
And the unbelted drivers, the sandwich eaters, and the phone users, all on the move.
He was unsteady on his feet and appeared to be having difficulty holding his unbelted jeans up.