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1. Not instructed; untaught.
2. Not yet bred: an unbred mare.
3. Obsolete Ill-bred; impolite.


1. a less common word for ill-bred
2. not taught or instructed
3. obsolete not born



1. not taught or trained.
2. not mated, as a stock animal.
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Actually, Interest in scrapes picks up during the post rut because unbred does and female fawns come into estrus and advertise that fact at the scrapes.
Most, but not all, of the unbred does will mate a month later, during peak rut.
The normal breeding cycle will see unbred hens flocked together.
So common-cladded, and their poor looking skins, and unbred feet and legs, and the whole make of them.
We will see a real drop in the foal rate in 2008, when the decrease will correspond to the impact of Ohio mares that went unbred in 2007.
1987) showed the mean SCC of quarters from unbred heifers infected with Staph.
Thus, unbred does come back into estrus 28 days later, or even 28 days after that if not bred the second time.
The point here is to not only plan on a smaller second rut approximately 28 days after the first rut, when unbred adult females come into heat again, but be alert for the rutting activity approximately 45 days after the peak of rut when fawns may come into estrus also.
These notions are based on the common myth that a lot of unbred does and doe fawns come into heat during a one-week period in mid-December -- the second rut.
Sometimes these bucks can travel many miles in their last surge to find unbred does, so prepare for a vigorous hike.