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(ʌnˈbʌn dld)

(of related products or services) sold separately rather than as a package.
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Additionally, Lithuania, Italy and Estonia (with unbundled electricity transmission), as well as Romania and Hungary, give varying degrees of support for TSO unbundling.
6 million local loops will have been unbundled in Western Europe and competition in the DSL market will be increasingly infrastructure driven.
If a company is unbundled, then investors will know that it is unbundled," was her tautological reply.
Aside from greater competition, more choice and prices better reflecting real costs, Kroes also stresses the benefits, in terms of security of supply, of fully unbundled operators with more incentives for investment in inter-connectivity.
With options ranging from operating redundancy, to unbundled pricing and flexible payment plans, The Planet-EV1Servers continues to accelerate its goal to drive innovation that places customers at the center of its operating model.
Network operators, which are merely legally unbundled, are still able to hamper new investments that connect new power plants to the grid," said Felix Matthes, from the German Institute for Applied Ecology (Oko-Institut).
In addition to its bundled video, voice, and internet service plans, the company has now introduced a new unbundled 1.
Under the Regulation, operators with significant market power had to publish from December 31, 2000, and keep updated, a reference offer (RUO) for unbundled access to their local loops and related facilities.
A combination of expensive colocation conditions and high standard charges (for activating/deactivating unbundled lines) obviously makes an adverse economic impact and even prompts some operators to turn away from the market or to opt out of the entire residential segment.
The number of effectively unbundled lines varies considerably from State to State and shared access is not operational in Belgium, Denmark, Finland and Sweden, even though the number of lines is limited to a few hundred.
Mass Market Local Circuit Switching: FCC ruled that incumbent LECs have no obligation to provide competitive LECs with unbundled access to mass market local circuit switching.
net reserves final judgment on the FCC action until the full order is published, we are hopeful that such new rules will bring clarity to the telecommunications industry's regulatory environment for unbundled network elements.