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The separate pricing of goods and services.

un·bun′dle v.


(Commerce) commerce the takeover of a large conglomerate with a view to retaining the core business and selling off some of the subsidiaries to help finance the takeover
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After all, if unbundling does not lead to the generation of additional revenue or provide the patient with more value, then why bother to change your existing bundled model?
Study notes that while unbundling may have been an appropriate policy for monopoly world of 1996, U.
Nathan Economic Consultants in their report have recommended unbundling of services "since it has become a necessary aspect of exercising more control over operational costs and running a successful airline".
The geographical unbundling of diversfied group, Nictus, will be finalised this Friday (21 September) with the listing of Nictus Holdings Limited on the main board of the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX).
Unbundling is part of the European Union's market liberalization policy and aimed at reducing dependence on energy from Russia.
Unbundling of course is shorthand for separating the supply and production of gas (and electricity) from the transmission networks and is an indispensable element of the European Commission's plans for introducing genuine competition into the EU energy sector.
Unbundling is expected to be a key facilitator for competition through discriminatory-free network access for third parties, and thus lead to efficiency gains, says a leading management consulting firm.
In November, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts approved a pilot program allowing unbundling in civil cases.
Falling into step with European Union regulations, the majority of EU member countries began implementing local loop unbundling in 2000-2001.
The American Bar Association's (Chicago, IL) Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services has started the Pro Se/Unbundling Resource Center, a new web site designed to help policy-makers better understand the growing practice of unbundling of legal services.
The team is built by unbundling the course development process into its constituent activities, with one specialist responsible for each activity.