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Not officially verified, guaranteed, or registered; not certified: an uncertified teacher.


(ʌnˈsɜːtɪfaɪd) or


1. not guaranteed by an official document: uncertified software.
2. not possessing the qualifications required to practise a profession: uncertified teachers.
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Adj.1.uncertified - lacking requisite official documentation or endorsement
certified - endorsed authoritatively as having met certain requirements; "a certified public accountant"
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The curate was tired and would not look into any more books, and so he decided that, "contents uncertified," all the rest should be burned; but just then the barber held open one, called "The Tears of Angelica.
I reply that no Lady of any position will marry an uncertified Triangle.
And the same law will apply to any one of those within the prescribed age who forms a connection with any woman in the prime of life without the sanction of the rulers; for we shall say that he is raising up a bastard to the State, uncertified and unconsecrated.
The decline is due to the more conservative approach to revenue recognition and to adjustments for uncertified variations orders and disputed extensions of time claims, as per the company's statement on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM).
Nizaha Ala'a died last October as a result of heat exhaustion after being locked inside her school bus for four hours after the vehicle's uncertified attendant, who was hired by the school as a cleaner, failed to perform a thorough check to ensure that no students were left behind.
Lahore -- The TEVTA will be starting free registration of uncertified skilled workforce through recognition of prior learning (RPL across Punjab) from September.
In 2009 the Legislature made it illegal to sell a home equipped with an uncertified wood stove.
After that, Rostelecom will buy ordinary registered uncertified shares of Digital Television during its additional share issue and receive 25.
Foundries are faced with strong unfair competition from uncertified products from China and India, while the state has no yet developed any legal mechanisms to contain it, say Macedonian business owners.
Historically, the alfalfa seed market in Pakistan has been met in large part by uncertified varieties of seeds that grow lower quality alfalfa forage in comparison to those offered by S&W.
Federal Seed Certification Registration Department has also made its Seed Inspectors vigilant to check sale of uncertified Bt.
During the same fiscal year, the EMS also unofficially accepted donations from uncertified companies in Lebanon and Turkey, also without being recorded in the accounting documents.