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tr.v. un·chained, un·chain·ing, un·chains
To release from or as if from chains or bonds; set free.

un·chain′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.unchained - not bound by shackles and chainsunchained - not bound by shackles and chains  
unbound - not restrained or tied down by bonds
References in classic literature ?
There were some of the girls who were of her own sort, who were willing to toady to her and flatter her; and these would carry tales about the rest, and so the furies were unchained in the place.
She unchained and unbolted and unlocked and when the door was open she sprang across the step with one bound, and there she was standing on the grass, which seemed to have turned green, and with the sun pouring down on her and warm sweet wafts about her and the fluting and twittering and singing coming from every bush and tree.
There are the two little lions unchained," murmured the cardinal.
He relieved me of an oppression after meat by means of a small pill that wrought like a devil unchained.
Away - away - 'mid seas of rays that roll Empyrean splendor o'er th' unchained soul - The soul that scarce (the billows are so dense) Can struggle to its destin'd eminence - To distant spheres, from time to time, she rode, And late to ours, the favour'd one of God - But, now, the ruler of an anchor'd realm, She throws aside the sceptre - leaves the helm, And, amid incense and high spiritual hymns, Laves in quadruple light her angel limbs.
There was unchained wrath in the downpour, viciousness.
I had unchained an enemy among them whose joy it was to shed their blood and to revel in their groans.
An outburst of unchained fury, a vicious rush of the wind absolutely steadied the ship; she rocked only, quick and light like a child's cradle, for a terrific moment of suspense, while the whole atmosphere, as it seemed, streamed furiously past her, roaring away from the tenebrous earth.
with dismay - how th' supposed unpossibility o' ever getting unchained from one another, at any price, on any terms, brings blood upon this land, and brings many common married fok to battle, murder, and sudden death.
Suppose anything but getting unchained from the one idea, for that was inexorably impossible.
PLEASANTON, California, July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Unchained Labs just can't get enough biologics stability tools, today announcing its acquisition of Avid Nano.
In his preface to Simona Brancati's Cinema Unchained, senior scholar Frank Manchel argues that the uniqueness of the work is to be found not so much in the novelty of Brancati's findings but in the unpretentious clarity of her style.