Clean hands

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freedom from guilt, esp. from the guilt of dishonesty in money matters, or of bribe taking.

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In addition to getting the annual influenza vaccine, Toronto Public Health recommends:cleaning hands frequently,sneezing and coughing into sleeve, if no tissue is available,avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth with unclean hands, and staying home when sick.
This means that the disease can be passed through sewers, polluted drinking water, and unclean hands.
Real Estate Depot argued that equitable subrogation was unavailable because Tribeca Lending had unclean hands since it loaned despite the recorded affidavit of forgery.
According to Unicef more than three million children die every year due to diarrhoea and pneumonia, spread by unclean hands.
He's coming to this issue with unclean hands that are borne by the bloodstains of many victims and victims who have committed or attempted suicide.
Universal fought back by raising affirmative defenses that Lenz had bad faith and unclean hands in pursuing damages.
Serious respiratory illnesses like influenza are spread by coughing or sneezing and unclean hands.
Politicians have seized on public fears about the health implications of unclean hospitals, but have failed to address the real problem of unclean hands among hospital staff.
The Government's focus on pleasing the public means they have failed to address the real problem of unclean hands among hospital staff, it was claimed.