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Adj.1.uncommercialized - not having been commercialized
noncommercial - not connected with or engaged in commercial enterprises
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Even sections on well-documented attractions, such as the booming wine industry, include lesser-known or uncommercialized options in addition to well-known sites.
Others see this as creating radical democratic spaces where residents from all walks of life can demand uncommercialized spaces in the city, thereby challenging what is perceived as the homogeneity reproduced by corporatized planning (Klein, 2000: 313).
Wolf's edgy aesthetic taps into the experimental side of photography - it explores the unsung and uncommercialized corner of modern artistic imagery.
In life, Yauch was fiercely concerned with keeping the Beastie Boys image uncommercialized.
only be filed after a traditional patent goes uncommercialized for three
Her staff had visited the greenhouse from time to time and had told her about its uncommercialized country charm and collection of unusual plants and she invited Martin to appear on her show.
The Agilent-BioNanomatrix collaboration marks another case of a company that has recently invested in uncommercialized technology for DNA sequencing.
For a time, institutions of childhood were relatively uncommercialized, as adults subscribed to the notion of childhood innocence, and the need to keep children from the "profane" commercial world.
95) Further, the appropriation itself by MRA has turned what was previously economically valueless, the uncommercialized images of these women, into a highly profitable venture for MRA.