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1. Not engaged in or involving trade or commerce.
2. Not in accord with the spirit or methods of commerce.
3. Uneconomical.


1. (Commerce) not concerned with commerce or trade
2. (Commerce) not in accordance with the aims or principles of business or trade


(ˌʌn kəˈmɜr ʃəl)

1. not engaged in or involved with commerce or trade.
2. not producing or likely to produce a profit: an artistic but uncommercial film.
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Adj.1.uncommercial - not conducive to commercial success; "might prove arty and hence uncommercial"- H.E.Clurman
noncommercial - not connected with or engaged in commercial enterprises
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The Hi-line Nitrogen generators are designed to match individual site usage requirements, and should not be confused with 'fixed output* equipment normally available from other suppliers, where operating costs can remain at uncommercially high levels irrespective of actual fluctuating or generally lower level Nitrogen requirements.
We do not expect them to act uncommercially, but we do want them to react responsibly.
Foer's attitude reveals an ambiguity in the author himself: He clearly likes it that the club can behave so uncommercially, yet in an earlier chapter he mocks some fans of Inter Milan for seeking to impose a left-wing, anti-globalization identity on a team no less wealthy than Barca, one that has dribbled through globalized soccer as adroitly.