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Adj.1.unconfused - not perplexed by conflicting situations or statementsunconfused - not perplexed by conflicting situations or statements
unperplexed - experiencing no difficulty or confusion or bewilderment
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A common list mentions five, namely a large fortune, a good reputation, confidence in public assemblies, an unconfused death, and a happy rebirth in heaven (e.
We confess one and the same Christ, the Son, the Lord, the Only-Begotten, in two natures unconfused, unchangeable, undivided and inseparable.
Attention is also paid to the Theotokos as a result of an unconfused 'union of natures' of Christ (pp.
Not said because only those standing before you now are among the privileged few who know Sam Phillips, the man; how he has contributed to the growth of each of us by giving unstintingly of the appreciative word, the pat on the back, the calm, gentle, yet firm and unconfused direction.
Through our own personal divinization in Christ, we imitate, by an interpenetrating participation or filiation in him, the unified activity of the unconfused natures in his personal unity.
This unconfused realist approach applied by the GCC countries enhanced their chances of success.
world, is unconfused, her thoughts unfolding in an orderly chronology.
It's all about getting confused and getting unconfused.
At this point they are both "part of the magic," unconfused, and once Aunt Shadie's hand is on Rebecca's they deal with the Barber as effectively as Aunt Shadie once dealt with the trapped animals.
Wearing a beeper, they can do their thing, unhampered and unconfused from bad-guess, blind "handling" by an apprehensive hunter who is afraid they've run off when they might be standing on point just a few yards from him.
Jane Austen''s (1775-1816) unconfused men are Henry Tilney (NA), Edward Ferrers (S&S), Fitzwilliam Darcy (P&P), Edmund Bertram (MP), 5.
Amazing woman, very clear, very unconfused and unambiguous," says Burns, the mother of a 20-year-old son studying nuclear physics and math at MIT and a 17-year-old daughter in love with creative writing.