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1. Deserving of moral condemnation: committed an unconscionable act.
2. Beyond reason; excessive: an unconscionable price.

un·con′scion·a·ble·ness n.
un·con′scion·a·bly adv.


[ʌnˈkɒnʃnəblɪ] ADV (frm) → desmesuradamente
References in classic literature ?
Arriving at an unconscionably early hour at the door of their apartment, I felt as if I were about to commit an act of vandalism.
Waiting lists at the state's charter schools have grown unconscionably long.
However, justice was unconscionably delayed and most surely denied.
People who treat their customers unconscionably will lose business.
Lensed over nine years in black-and-white video, pic is twice as long as Diaz's acclaimed "Batang West Side"--and, at the Toronto fest, was unconscionably scheduled with just one 10-minute intermission.
Woody Allen's flawed but intriguing latest sees him playing Harry Block, an unconscionably selbsorbed, neurotic writer whose vindictive novels feature not even thinly fictionalised characters and episodes from his life.
She was unconscionably beautiful, stylish beyond prudence, a 1950s Cleopatra.
Dollar has unconscionably withheld a good portion of the purchase amount from the Distenfields," says Cappello.
As a result, despite the Aquino administration's achievements, our poverty incidence remained unconscionably high at 25.
The Court also found Excite Mobile acted unconscionably and used undue coercion when attempting to obtain payment for mobile phone services.
Yet this improbable mix spins out lush cello melodies, explosive piano bombast as well as rippling flute lines, and beguiling and commanding moments of silence including an unconscionably held final empty hesitation - transfixing the audience.
And, though it is unconscionably defended to this day by the president of the United States, waterboarding - a technique designed to convince a trussed-up prisoner that he is drowning - is now, at last, forbidden to be used on any prisoner in the custody of the U.