Designed or made with little or no interfacing, padding, or lining to produce a loose, soft shape. Used of apparel: an unconstructed jacket.


(Clothing & Fashion) (of clothing) loose fitting or lacking shape


(ˌʌn kənˈstrʌk tɪd)

(of clothing) made with little interfacing or lining, so as to fit loosely on the body.
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The new law would incentivize the owners of heritage buildings to save their aging properties by allowing them to sell their lot's unconstructed space as if it were buildable area.
In the unconstructed attics and in the technical centers, No assembly has yet been made.
It does not thereby transform the common law into a found thing, unconstructed, prepolitical, neutral, and natural.
THE ONE THING art requires, Jenny Hart says, is unconstructed time--freedom to create with abandon, sans restrictions or interruptions.
By this I mean that Majidi's choice of an unconstructed building on the outskirts of the city parallels the kharabat in classical Persian poetry.
x The utility jacket is too unconstructed for his small frame.
Therefore, as a result of short-sightedness and the unconstructed psychological structure of the Speaker of the Parliament, they started to implement their second plan through motivating people to create chaos and encouraging violence.
Citing updated figures, he said unconstructed land makes up a major bulk of 95 per cent of the total real estate portfolio.
The 'local,' moreover, is neither unconnected nor unconstructed as it is thought at times" (p.
It is also clear from figure that the device has unconstructed mesh arranged around the channel.
It is an illusion to believe that these incredibly rich representations of the phenomena are unconstructed isomorphisms we merely discover in the world.