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Impossible to control or govern: an uncontrollable urge for a chocolate bar; uncontrollable rebels.

un′con·trol′la·bil′i·ty, un′con·trol′la·ble·ness n.
un′con·trol′la·bly adv.
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In addition, females had more dream anxiety levels, higher total MCQ-30 scores, and higher cognitive confidence and uncontrollability scores according to Metacognition Questionnaire-30 than males.
This uncontrollability derives from the 'openness' of the pregnant body as pointed out by Mazzoni (1997), who refers particularly to Bakhtin's definition of the 'grotesque body' as a body in continuous formation and transformation, which lacks defining borders and therefore escapes rational comprehension.
But many feel that more than the political parties, it is the uncontrollability of the social media that has been the cause of similar unrest all over the world.
Outcome measures evaluated at baseline, again at 10 days upon conclusion of the intervention, and finally at 30 days of follow-up were the Penn State Worry Questionnaire, the GAD Questionnaire for DSM-iy and the Meta-Cognitions Questionnaire subscales for positive beliefs about worry, uncontrollability of one's thoughts, and negative beliefs about worry.
They emphasize the role of thinking about other people and oneself in relation to them as a way of dealing with lack of control, and they consider cognitive, emotional, and socio-behavioral reactions, with discussion of the educational context; socially grounded responses to control deprivation, including compensatory control or active coping; and how uncontrollability relates to issues of powerlessness and intergroup cognition in terms of outcome dependency, power, or economic and social status relations.
2013) also state that uncertainties may be related to the cause, and in this case, the uncertainty is called unpredictability or, concerning the consequences, uncontrollability.
As a result, the multi-pilot injection strategy [4] is employed under these conditions to restrain the uncontrollability of the ignition timing, which inevitably introduces the tiny and normal injection quantity situations during the pilot and multiple injections.
Barlow described anxiety as a cognitive-affective process whereby the individual has a sense of unpredictability and uncontrollability of events and feels potentially negative or harmful emotions.
Vulnerability representation: the role of perceived dangerousness, uncontrollability, unpredictability and disgustingness in spider fear.
Moreover, lack of attention to the problems of sustainable development at municipalities or the non-rational decision-making process in this field can lead to a rapid and sharp increase in disparities characteristics of the city, total destabilization and uncontrollability of the system.
Both the voluntary and involuntary blinks appear during blink activity; the voluntary blinks can be used in control, while the involuntary blinks need to be removed for their uncontrollability.
The alternative S4 of evacuating passengers by the broadcast from OCC between the stations is the fourth selection for its inflexibility and uncontrollability.