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Not adhering to convention; out of the ordinary.

un′con·ven′tion·al′i·ty (-shə-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
un′con·ven′tion·al·ly adv.



(see also ECCENTRICITY.)

march to the beat of a different drummer See INDEPENDENCE.

offbeat Unusual, unconventional, nonconformist, odd, weird. The current meaning of the term is a figurative extension of its use in music to denote the unaccented beat of a measure. In traditional music, the downbeat is accented and the upbeat is unaccented. Black musicians deviated from this norm by playing syncopated music, i.e., music which stressed traditionally unaccented beats. Syncopated or offbeat music was thus considered unusual and unconventional. The term offbeat itself eventually acquired these senses, along with their usual extended ones of ‘strange, bizarre, weird.’

The off-beat death … in a[n] off-Broadway hotel room. (The Daily News [New York], September, 1957)

off the wall Strange, far-out, way-out, weird; insane, crazy, out of one’s mind.

Deputy Inspector Martin Duffy said Mrs. Morea was “very, very distraught—really incoherent, off the wall.” (The New York Times, July, 1972)

The exact origin of this U.S. slang expression is unknown, but it may be an allusion to the padded walls of mental institutions, designed to protect overly distraught inmates from hurting themselves. Of recent coinage, the phrase enjoys great popularity in the United States; like its synonymous slang terms, off the wall describes ideas, beliefs, schemes, etc., as well as persons and their behavior.

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Noun1.unconventionality - originality by virtue of being unconventional
originality - the ability to think and act independently
conventionality - unoriginality as a result of being too conventional
2.unconventionality - unorthodoxy by virtue of being unconventional
heterodoxy, unorthodoxy - the quality of being unorthodox
conventionalism, conventionality, convention - orthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional


[ˈʌnkənˌvenʃəˈnælɪtɪ] Noriginalidad f


nUnkonventionalität f
References in classic literature ?
It is not difficult to be unconventional in the eyes of the world when your unconventionality is but the convention of your set.
The audacity and unconventionality of the storiettes was a shock to bourgeois morality and prejudice; but when Paris went mad over the immediate translation that was made, the American and English reading public followed suit and bought so many copies that Martin compelled the conservative house of Singletree, Darnley & Co.
Not less notable than his strong men are his delightful young heroines, romantic Elizabethan heroines, to be sure, with an unconventionality, many of them, which does not belong to such women in the more restricted world of reality, but pure embodiments of the finest womanly delicacy, keenness, and vivacity.
For it was against his breeding to show eagerness, and against his conventional unconventionality to give anything so obvious as flowers.
He has always gone in for unconventionality, and parents nowhere, and so forth.
Pantone says purples have also long been symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality and artistic brilliance with popular musical icons Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix bringing shades to the forefront of western pop culture as personal expressions of individuality.
It is cemented so deeply that even a slight unconventionality to the gender expectation is considered rebellious or free-spiritedness.
Thus, the texts discussed in the book bear witness to how that unconventionality becomes "a symptom of the gap that existed between the rhetoric of the nation and its social reality" (8).
Keiley chooses a great actress to play Rosalind because Bromley is capable of portraying Rosalind's unconventionality using only her appearance.
In Defiance, Lady Anne's engaging voice comes through clearly, along with her unconventionality, her talents and her compassion.
I deal real immortality inept adept inferior superior temporality (not related) intersection influential initiation disconnection inconsequential consummation M ajority make break masculinity minority militaristic moderation femininity pacifistic monistic aggravation = my/mine mollification pluralistic thy/thine inflammation N ormality (1) normality (2) ((1) appearance; exceptionality unconventionality (2) behaviour) O ccidental ornamentation outre day-to-day oriental simplification P asse "today" pathos bathos peerage steerage (adj.
Such interventions may be effective if restrictions to reentry are extraordinary, aiming the sanctioning aspects related to the effortlessness of unconventionality online.