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But, perhaps, I might see her in the field or the garden, and then there would be no great difficulty: it was the formal knocking at the door, with the prospect of being gravely ushered in by Rachel, to the presence of a surprised, uncordial mistress, that so greatly disturbed me.
Jennings, and to HER she appeared nothing more than a little proud-looking woman of uncordial address, who met her husband's sisters without any affection, and almost without having anything to say to them; for of the quarter of an hour bestowed on Berkeley Street, she sat at least seven minutes and a half in silence.
Not yet a final chapterAmid one of the most turbulent times in the history of Pakistan, with uncertainty in both politics and economics, fraught relations with a major ally, uncordial terms with the neighbours and a major child abuse issue rocking the country, the religious clerics have their own shows to pull off.