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Adj.1.uncurbed - not restrained or controlleduncurbed - not restrained or controlled; "unbridled rage"; "an unchecked temper"; "ungoverned rage"
unrestrained - not subject to restraint; "unrestrained laughter"
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Two tragic examples of uncurbed extremist trendsThey were seemingly a couple of isolated incidents occurring widely apart in Karachi and Khyber-Paktunkwa educational institutes, but were actually the natural corollary of an underlying malaise in our society: bigotry, intolerance and sadistic violence.
Fitch forecasts that Axtel's negative FCF generation will remain uncurbed at least for the short term.
This section of Route 7 is generally uncurbed and frequently flooded due to low elevation and lack of sufficient highway drainage system.
The Egyptian leader has previously compared uncurbed population growth to the terrorism that Egypt has suffered over the past few years.
Yes, Skopje 2014 is a message, an attempt to inspire fear and awe, downright arrogance and loss of control, twisted indulgence in an unintelligent perception of what is beautiful, uncurbed spending of money on kitsch seen as splendor, a shame and an insult.
His formidable might is legendary, but his short temper, his erratic behaviour, and his uncurbed lust alienate many of his would-be supporters.
If we were to apply the unmodified, uncurbed rules of the micro-cosmos (i.
But most importantly the encounter encouraged the perpetrator who is a "free-fugitive" to gain more impunity and unleash an uncurbed vengeance against the victims in Darfur, N.
Land is still being degraded, forests lost and species endangered as uncurbed carbon emissions continue to change the environment we live in," he highlighted.
21) this could well give rise to a "vicious circle in which the league, as a monopoly in its sport market, bargains for the highest possible TV rights in view of gathering ex post sufficient resources to cover uncurbed payroll inflation (and superstar recruitment).
He dismissed any talk of ameliorating the humanitarian situation in Syria with the armament and training of terrorists, under the name "moderate opposition", still uncurbed.
Florence Area Chamber of Commerce - Uncurbed Adventures Campaign ($5,000).