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v. un·curled, un·curl·ing, un·curls
To unwind from or as if from a curl, coil, spiral, or curled position: uncurled my fists.
To become unwound from a curl: fern fronds uncurling in the spring air.
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Adj.1.uncurled - not curleduncurled - not curled; "lay uncurled on the bed"
uncoiled, straight - no longer coiled
2.uncurled - not having been curleduncurled - not having been curled    
straight - (of hair) having no waves or curls; "her naturally straight hair hung long and silky"
References in classic literature ?
The perpetual suggestion of a smile under Dominic's piratical moustaches seemed to become more accentuated - quite real, grim, actually almost visible through the wet and uncurled hair.
Toto, her dog, slowly uncurled himself and going to the Patchwork Girl sniffed at her inquiringly; but soon he lay down again, as if to say he had no interest in such an irregular creation.
I was somewhat dismayed at my appearance on looking in the glass: the cold wind had swelled and reddened my hands, uncurled and entangled my hair, and dyed my face of a pale purple; add to this my collar was horridly crumpled, my frock splashed with mud, my feet clad in stout new boots, and as the trunks were not brought up, there was no remedy; so having smoothed my hair as well as I could, and repeatedly twitched my obdurate collar, I proceeded to clomp down the two flights of stairs, philosophizing as I went; and with some difficulty found my way into the room where Mrs.
A black servant, who reposed on the box beside the fat coachman, uncurled his bandy legs as soon as the equipage drew up opposite Miss Pinkerton's shining brass plate, and as he pulled the bell at least a score of young heads were seen peering out of the narrow windows of the stately old brick house.
The first thing done by Madame Leonore was to put her hands on Dominic's shoulders and look at arm's length into the eyes of that man of audacious deeds and wild stratagems who smiled straight at her from under his heavy and, at that time, uncurled moustaches.
Centre manager Colin Seddon said:"Phelps arrived into our care in November and once he uncurled we realised that he was unable to use his hind legs.
Roads have been thrown down in the dust, bridges and multi-lane expressways uncurled across the endless sand, pilings driven into the dirt underfoot, supporting skyscrapers climbing into the clouds overhead.
In the audience, the man who Berjaoui had just beaned in the head, uncurled the paper.
The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw gave the film one star and said it was so bad that audiences would have to be ferried to hospital "to have their toes uncurled under general anaesthetic".
I want her to take a voice class,'' Sarah Silverman said, as she curled and uncurled like a cat on the gray couch of her modest West Hollywood apartment .
My toes still haven't uncurled after he copied Coisty's patter and said: "I don't do walking away.