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The note was undated, and without either signature or address.
I am surprised to see that it was undated, and might still almost "Admit Bearer to see the Museum," to say nothing of the bearer's friends, since my editor's name "and party" is scrawled beneath the legend.
Neither could she calculate, with any nearer approach to exactness, the time that had passed from the departure of her mistress, to the period when the undated letter from Madame Fosco arrived.
The painting, which is undated, is by Leicestershire artist Lemuel Francis Abbott (1760-1803) and is thought to be one of the earliest depictions of the game.
The undated document says the department is "working with Stanton Territorial Health Authority to define the needs for the development of a Territorial Aboriginal Wellness Centre.
82)% Ordinary shares have an undated life ZDP share
The undated snap of the 31-year-old dictator was released as officials threatened to blow up the White House over pulled Sony film The Interview.
There are eight undated government bonds outstanding, including one issued by William Gladstone to consolidate, among other things, the capital stock of the South Sea Company, which had collapsed in 1720.
New York, April 25 ( ANI ): An undated video showing a Russian father teaching his little son how to inhale and blow out smoke has gone viral on LiveLeak.
The document, which is unsigned and undated but which was sent to local authorities and teaching unions as far back as last year, claimed to have caused "a great amount of organised disruption" in the city crediting the plan with forcing a change of leadership at four schools.
Clifford Chance Paris advised the lead managers (BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs International, HSBC and ING) on the issue of Euro 1,200,000,000 (in two tranches) hybrid undated deeply subordinated bonds by Solvay Finance.