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No longer living but supernaturally animated, as a zombie.


(European Myth & Legend)
a. (of a fictional being, such as a vampire) technically dead but reanimated
b. (as collective noun; preceded by the): the undead.


1. no longer alive but animated by a supernatural force, as a vampire or zombie.
2. (used with a pl. v.) undead beings collectively (usu. prec. by the).


n the undead pldie Untoten pl
References in classic literature ?
Usually when the UnDead sleep at home," as he spoke he made a comprehensive sweep of his arm to designate what to a vampire was `home', "their face show what they are, but this so sweet that was when she not UnDead she go back to the nothings of the common dead.
I was, in fact, beginning to shudder at the presence of this being, this UnDead, as Van Helsing called it, and to loathe it.
And he will sometimes think that she he loved was buried alive, and that will paint his dreams with horrors of what she must have suffered, and again, he will think that we may be right, and that his so beloved was, after all, an UnDead.
They may not prevail on her wanting to get in, for then the UnDead is desperate, and must find the line of least resistance, whatsoever it may be.
Take the papers that are with this, the diaries of Harker and the rest, and read them, and then find this great UnDead, and cut off his head and burn his heart or drive a stake through it, so that the world may rest from him.
I go no further than to say that she might be UnDead.
I gave her my nights and days, before death, after death, and if my death can do her good even now, when she is the dead UnDead, she shall have it freely.
Romancing the Zombie: Essays on the Undead as Significant "Other"
The event starts at 11am, at Ghoulies Haunted House, on Dale Street, where members of the public will be transformed into the undead by a group of professional makeup artists.
The Third Wave, directed by Irishman David Freyne, is set six years after a virus has rampaged through Europe, turning those infected into undead monsters.
In fact, he has practiced shooting at zombie targets and is itching to kill some of the undead.
Course organiser David Wingrove said: "Our course offers a grisly but seductive survey of all things undead, with a lively interactive atmosphere.