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Closed to debate or further discussion: undebatable facts.

un′de·bat′a·bly adv.


not able to be debated
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He added, "What is undebatable is the fact that since the passage of Dodd-Frank, the big banks are now bigger [and] the small banks are now fewer.
T]he matrix is not designed automatically to generate undebatable answers to what are undeniably complicated questions .
The Company is aware of the other Industry competitors gunning for Eco and we're confident that our coating has perfected the "Home Center Grade Lumber" via Eco's wraparound technology; it is undebatable that this product is the most Advanced Framing Lumber on the planet.
While initially Ms Mmereki was unsure about whether to return to Botswana, throughout the course of her studies "it became undebatable that I would return," she explained.
What's undebatable is that people, depending on their focus and native skill, have different levels of ability.
This is as unhelpful as it is undebatable, since it is how one explains the symbolic notation of quantification to begin with.
It is undebatable that she is the direct cause of his death, since she opens the door of the corral and the black horse runs away.
There was still time for Vidic to be dismissed for a second - undebatable - yellow card.
20) His statement, which might seem undebatable, may in fact be a bit broader than Chief Justice Roberts really means, and may imply more than he actually said.
But we need a more rigorous, operational definition that establishes an undebatable correlation between the food and the subsequent reaction, using a food challenge and consideration of the condition's natural history.
43) What strikes me as undebatable, however, is that considering the question of poverty and wealth within the framework of virtue inexorably channels attention toward the character and the material condition of the giver.