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Transacted, given, or sold illicitly.


1. (of merchandise) sold clandestinely.
2. illegal; unauthorized: under-the-counter payments.
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Adj.1.under-the-counter - done or sold illicitly and secretlyunder-the-counter - done or sold illicitly and secretly;
illegal - prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules; "an illegal chess move"


[ˌʌndəðəˈkaʊntəʳ] ADJ [goods etc] → adquirido por la trastienda; [deal] → turbio, poco limpio
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Appliance manufacturer True Residential, for example, offers a black refrigerator with copper hinges, cobalt appliances with gold and pewter hardware options, and under-the-counter fridges with interchangeable color light displays.
Ok, maybe players do benefit under-the-counter and so on because we can't deal with it but this is a public thing, we have to express a view on it and our view is that we are not going to support it.
Glaswegians hosted the Turner prize, so they love their contemporary art but most agree that dirty movies are more your under-the-counter fodder at The Barras.
But the practice of slipping under-the-counter cash to players at the lower end of the pyramid is now having a particularly corrosive effect on a community game already struggling numbers-wise.
However, some cultural trends such as self-medication and the lack of strong supervision of under-the-counter (UTC) sales continue to have a negative effect on sales of.
Most will quit entirely or find other ways of acquiring snus, either illicitly under-the-counter or by importing it from Sweden and Norway.
Six- to 8-inch under-the-counter shelving now runs the length of express and service lanes without inhibiting transactions.
Varying desk height allows your office to work for everyone and provide under-the-counter knee space.
The Chronicle revealed last month how a sewing shop owner who sold illegal, under-the-counter cigarettes in an effort to buy a present for her son's 21st birthday was fined.
The invoice must meet the requirements of A* 14 UStG match and will also contain the following information - Separation of the bill year after treatment,- Separation of the bill by expertise,- Separation of the bill on the type of treatment (including outpatient consultations to external hospitals, inpatient, and consultations to under-the-counter treatment in other departments of the University Hospital of WE-rzburg).
New York, July 15 ( ANI ): Bartenders in New York City keep a baseball bat or in some cases golf clubs in handy, as an under-the-counter security measure.
The illegal pills, called Sikor, were sold under-the-counter for PS5 a bag at Sheikh Uddin's Sonali Supermarket in Coventry Road, Small Heath.