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Transacted, given, or sold illicitly.


1. (of merchandise) sold clandestinely.
2. illegal; unauthorized: under-the-counter payments.
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Adj.1.under-the-counter - done or sold illicitly and secretlyunder-the-counter - done or sold illicitly and secretly;
illegal - prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules; "an illegal chess move"


[ˌʌndəðəˈkaʊntəʳ] ADJ [goods etc] → adquirido por la trastienda; [deal] → turbio, poco limpio
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manufacturing facility, which produces top-mount refrigerators as well as under-the-counter models.
We've all heard of under-the-counter payments but under-the-sweet-counter would be a new one on me.
The total is likely to be much lower than the actual figure because it is not possible to include market stalls and under-the-counter sales.
The Chronicle revealed last month how a sewing shop owner who sold illegal, under-the-counter cigarettes in an effort to buy a present for her son's 21st birthday was fined.
The invoice must meet the requirements of A* 14 UStG match and will also contain the following information - Separation of the bill year after treatment,- Separation of the bill by expertise,- Separation of the bill on the type of treatment (including outpatient consultations to external hospitals, inpatient, and consultations to under-the-counter treatment in other departments of the University Hospital of WE-rzburg).
New York, July 15 ( ANI ): Bartenders in New York City keep a baseball bat or in some cases golf clubs in handy, as an under-the-counter security measure.
The illegal pills, called Sikor, were sold under-the-counter for PS5 a bag at Sheikh Uddin's Sonali Supermarket in Coventry Road, Small Heath.
Top Chinese officials in 2012 launched a pilot scheme to funnel more money to enterprises in Wenzhou, a business hub in east China rife with under-the-counter lenders who charge annual interest rates of 40 percent or even more.
Some items like game, fish, local fruit and veg weren't rationed and there was an under-the-counter culture as practiced by Corporal Jones of Dad's Army, reaching down for a couple of sausages for a favoured customer or another tradesman who'd return the compliment.
Among them are automatic dishwashers, gas ranges and ovens, residential under-the-counter ice cube makers, and room air conditioners.
The written statement also noted that under-the-counter alcoholic beverages, outdated assorted nuts and inauthentic chocolate products are being sold on the market, advising consumers not to be deceived by the lower prices advertised.
Meanwhile Beale's ridiculous daughter Lucy was busy doing a taxfree under-the-counter deal with the oven repair man.