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A student in the freshman or sophomore class at a secondary school or college. Also called lowerclassman.


n, pl -men
(Education) education US an undergraduate in the first two years of college or university education


(ˌʌn dərˈklæs mən, -ˈklɑs-)

n., pl. -men.
a freshman or sophomore in a secondary school or college.
[1870–75, Amer.]
usage: See -man.


A student in the first or second year of a secondary or college course.
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Noun1.underclassman - an undergraduate who is not yet a seniorunderclassman - an undergraduate who is not yet a senior
fresher, freshman - a first-year undergraduate
junior - a third-year undergraduate
soph, sophomore - a second-year undergraduate
undergrad, undergraduate - a university student who has not yet received a first degree
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The UO underclassman about whom there is the most disagreement was Mariota.
HONORS AND AWARDS: Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award, Grade 12; DAR Good Citizenship Award, Grade 12; AP Scholar Award, Grade 11; Harvard Book Award, Grade 11; Leadership Award Underclassman, Student Council, Grade 11; Outstanding Junior, Student Council; Hardest Worker Underclassman, Student Council, Grade 11; Did Most for Student Council Underclassman, Student Council, Grade 11; Spirit of Student Council Award, Grades 9 and 10; Outstanding Achievement in Algebra II, Grade 10; Outstanding Achievement in Honors and AP Biology, Grade 10; Outstanding Achievement in Honors and AP Chemistry, Grade 11; Outstanding Achievement in Latin IV, Grade 11; Outstanding Achievement in English III, Grade 11.
She couldn't match those times at the state prelims but was an alternate in both races with 11th-place finishes, a top-three display for an underclassman.
Each senior selects an underclassman to represent him.
Every Littleton point was scored by an underclassman.
HONORS AND AWARDS: Outstanding Sophomore in English; Outstanding Sophomore in French; Outstanding Junior in History; Outstanding Underclassman band member; Outstanding Underclassman choral student; PSATs National Merit Letter of Commendation; DAR Scholarship school nominee; Leicester Lions Club speech contest winner.
The Trojans have just one scholarship available, assuming every underclassman returns next season, and it's doubtful they would tie up that scholarship this early on someone who might not qualify academically.
Agoura junior Robert Stock has the distinction of being the lone underclassman among the 50 players who comprise the two Brewers teams - the teams for which California players are participating - for the Area Code Games.
Of the 50 players selected to the two Brewers teams, Stock, an incoming junior, is the only underclassman.
It's bad, but I really didn't feel that I needed to do it (in the past) because I've always been an underclassman, and we've always had seniors.