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Noun1.underclothing - undergarment worn next to the skin and under the outer garmentsunderclothing - undergarment worn next to the skin and under the outer garments
BVD, BVD's - trademark for men's underwear
intimate apparel, lingerie - women's underwear and nightclothes
long johns - warm underwear with long legs
Skivvies - men's underwear consisting of cotton T-shirt and shorts
undergarment, unmentionable - a garment worn under other garments
مَلابِس داخِلِيَّه
spodní prádlo


[ˈʌndərkləʊðɪŋ] nsous-vêtements mpl


(ˈandəkləuðz) , ((American) -kləuz) noun plural
underwear. Have you packed my underclothes?
ˈunderclothing noun


n. ropa interior.
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The slop-chest, as well as the provisions, was stored in the lazarette, and I took advantage of the opportunity to lay in a stock of underclothing.
In his chest of drawers, hidden beneath some underclothing, we found: first, a pair of gold-rimmed pince-nez similar to those worn by Mr.
Would the prisoner, in the hottest week of a hot summer, be likely to go to a drawer containing winter underclothing.
Inside the roll were changes of underclothing and odds and ends of necessaries.
They had nearly the same preferences in silks, patterns for underclothing, china-ware, and clergymen; they confided their little troubles of health and household management to each other, and various little points of superiority on Mrs.
And he threw back the folds of his cassock and smiled as he looked at his thin legs in their underclothing.
All your underclothing had been renewed, when you came to our house-- I suppose on your return home from foreign parts.
I next removed the white and cumbersome parts of my underclothing, and replaced them by a petticoat of dark flannel.
National clothes of men in the 19th centuryincluded underclothing and overcoat.
It added: "Having only completed one of the three previous dives on the expedition this far, and compounded by the weight of the equipment, discomfort of wearing warm underclothing and a dry suit on a sunny day, it is likely that Lex would have felt very motivated to begin the dive.
The purpose of the procurement is to enter into framework agreement for procurement of underclothing which shall be used for many different work tasks and service types under varying weather conditions.
Three cases of intertrigo are described herein which presented with greenish-blue staining of underclothing.