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tr.v. un·der·count·ed, un·der·count·ing, un·der·counts
To record fewer than the actual number of (persons in a census, for example).

un′der·count′ n.


(Statistics) statistics an incomplete count


(v. ˌʌn dərˈkaʊnt; n. ˈʌn dərˌkaʊnt)
1. to count less than the full number or amount of, esp. in an attempt to falsify records, returns, etc.
2. a count or total that is less than the actual number or amount.
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He said it was our apprehension that not only Karachi but the population of Sindh was also undercounted.
He claimed the population of Karachi and Hyderabad has been undercounted in the latest census by seven million.
Taking a jab at the Chief Minister of Sindh, Murad Ali Shah, he said that the population of Karachi and Hyderabad has been undercounted in the latest census by seven million a fact that has conveniently been ignored bythe CM since these people are from a 'different community.
NET migration from the European Union may have been undercounted by tens of thousands, a new report claims.
Flinn argues that Nielsen's PPM methodology undercounted listeners with an insufficient sample size and unrepresentative demographics.
The report undercounted First Nations people by roughly 50,000, which skewed the data and minimized the disease rate, as well as glossing over research showing the effect of poor housing, lack of modern sanitation, poverty and unemployment on TB rates.
A report by David Fein using data from the 1980 Census Post-enumeration Program found that the 1980 census undercounted American Indians by approximately 8 percent.
Hidalgo and other border counties have historically been undercounted because there are large pockets of hard-to-access unincorporated areas and some illegal immigrants who are afraid of the government because they are worried that they will be deported, the county's lawyers said.
He also concluded that the census undercounted "nonwhites" dramatically--by 11 percent in 1950.
Together with the potential error inherent in the estimation method, it is impossible to determine whether the undercounted deaths in the traditional estimate were the result of undercounted Union deaths, undercounted Confederate deaths, the postwar deaths of men from wounds and illness incurred during the war, or the war-related deaths of men not in the Union or Confederate forces.
As a result, communities were undercounted, and the towns will not get all the money they should receive had the community come together and made sure every person was counted on Census Day.
However, their X-ray emissions are so heavily absorbed that it led astronomers to suspect that active galaxies were undercounted.