undercover work

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Noun1.undercover work - the act of keeping a secret watch for intelligence purposesundercover work - the act of keeping a secret watch for intelligence purposes
espionage - the systematic use of spies to get military or political secrets
intelligence activity, intelligence operation, intelligence - the operation of gathering information about an enemy
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Due to the nature of the investigative and undercover work involved utmost
It turns out the TV reporter Donal MacIntyre has been doing a bit of undercover work.
The story centers on New York City, strongly pro-slavery at the time, and follows the work of an abolitionist newspaperman whose undercover work made a big difference in the resistance movement.
We are passionate about making the UK safe and we will continue to target dealers, locking them up and securing lengthy prison terms; but we only strangle the supply of drugs for a matter of hours after months of undercover work.
These characteristics, along with his unnecessary participation in violent criminal activity, suggest Braszczok may exemplify several psychological traits associated with or elicited by undercover work.
Undercover work, inherently invasive and sometimes dangerous, was once largely the domain of the FBI and a few other law-enforcement agencies at the federal level.
He had been 'really good' at undercover work with commendations from his senior o cers and even a judge.
The Midlands specialist plying team were honoured for the undercover work they do in targeting unlicensed and bogus taxi drivers.
But anti hunt saboteurs trained in undercover work have been called in by Sea Shepherd to monitor the truce.
After winning the Asian Journalist of the Year Award for his undercover work in exposing abuse in a psychiatric hospital - he posed as an inmate and had to make his escape to write his article - he emigrated to England with his family.
Shades of Blue' is going to be a complex police series centering on Harlee McCord (Lopez), a single mother and detective who has been recruited for the FBI's anti-corruption task force undercover work.