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 (ŭn′dər-krôft′, -krŏft′)
A crypt, especially one used for burial under a church.

[Middle English : under-, under- + croft, crypt (from Middle Dutch crofte, from Medieval Latin crupta, from Latin crypta, crypt; see crypt).]


(Architecture) an underground chamber, such as a church crypt, often with a vaulted ceiling
[C14: from croft a vault, cavern, from earlier crofte, ultimately from Latin crypta crypt]
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The intricately carved ceiling of the vaulted undercroft at the Grade 1 listing Guildhall in Bayley Lane next to the cathedral ruins is to be painted white.
Beneath the train shed is a brick undercroft with intersecting tunnel vaults which used to support six platforms above street level.
The works comprise the construction of three new flats in a single 4 block, And the internal and external refurbishment of eighteen maisonettes and common parts including undercroft car park.
I saw SNP leader Ian Blackford's lips move but in the vaulted chapel of St Mary Undercroft, I'm not sure I heard him sing.
It is currently on display in the Undercroft Foyer, near the Cathedral Shop and Undercroft Restaurant.
The lottery tickets are PS1 and are being sold only in the Undercroft Foyer of Durham Cathedral.
A new cafe will be built in the medieval undercroft at Windsor Castle in Berkshire and the outside space at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh will be redeveloped as part of the major work due to start next year.
WE'VE had rooftop cinemas, waterfront cinemas, even outdoor cinemas in gorgeous castle grounds - now, Cardiff Castle is inviting film fans to its underground 15th century undercroft for another movie experience you won't forget.
In a rare honour, the former Cabinet minister was laid in rest overnight at Parliament's Chapel of St Mary Undercroft.
There is space for two cars in the undercroft car park.
As the battle between London's Southbank Centre and the skateboarders who use its undercroft comes to a head, I thought that the publication of your feature on London's South Bank (Transforming the riverside, October 2013) was very topical.