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 (ŭn′dər-krôft′, -krŏft′)
A crypt, especially one used for burial under a church.

[Middle English : under-, under- + croft, crypt (from Middle Dutch crofte, from Medieval Latin crupta, from Latin crypta, crypt; see crypt).]


(Architecture) an underground chamber, such as a church crypt, often with a vaulted ceiling
[C14: from croft a vault, cavern, from earlier crofte, ultimately from Latin crypta crypt]
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This has local archaeological evidence in the remains of the Priory of St Mary, and widespread precedence in secular and ecclesiastical undercrofts of comparable age, or older, throughout the country.
Vanessa Ward, business support manager at Durham Cathedral, said: "The Undercroft Restaurant is located in one of the most intact surviving medieval undercrofts in the UK and we have been working hard to organise a befitting gourmet event for this spectacular setting.
The medieval undercrofts - ground floor - of the building have been much altered, but one still retains its 13th-century sandstone chamfered arches.
It will also offer its visitors the chance to explore one of the most fascinating areas of the property never previously seen by the general public - the evocative medieval undercrofts.
But perhaps the most intriguing of these was the Topographical Amnesias project in Belo Horizonte by Vazio S/A (p66), in which the concrete undercrofts of the city's buildings are transformed into modern hanging gardens and performance spaces.
The Priory Undercrofts which were discovered during a huge excavation at the site in 2000 also opened their doors.
Being an old Georgian property, there was a staircase down into the lightwell, together with vaulted undercrofts beneath the pavement, which had previously be used for storing coal and rubbish.
The visitor then pierces the glass wall to discover the undercrofts of the other six chambers in a complex and almost kaleidoscopic perspective of articulated struts and soffits.
A WEEKEND of medieval and Tudor inspired activities will celebrate the opening of Coventry's restored Priory Undercrofts.
The Priory Undercrofts - stone vaulted cellars - are the best preserved remains of Coventry's medieval priory of St Mary's, which is underneath Youell House in Priory Place.
COVENTRY'S magnificent 13th-century undercrofts are to be preserved for future generations thanks to a Lotto grant of nearly pounds 500,000.
This will show off the spectacular archaeology that has been found recently and includes a pier that supported the central tower of St Mary's cathedral and two cellars or undercrofts of the monastery like at St Mary's Hall, but without the vaulted ceiling.