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Coloring or decoration applied to pottery before glazing.


(Ceramics) ceramics applied to pottery or porcelain before the application of glaze
(Ceramics) a pigment, etc, applied in this way


(ˈʌn dərˌgleɪz)
1. (of a color or decoration) applied to a ceramic piece before the glaze.
2. color or decoration so applied.


A pigment or decoration applied to pottery before it is glazed.
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A second group of wares was covered with similar black mottled glazes over subtle Mars yellow underglazes.
The designs were then painted in with underglazes and, finally, clear glaze was applied to the bowls.
Tenders are invited for Art brushes, ceramic clay, pyrometric cones, ceramic glazes and underglazes, ceramic tool sets, block printing ink, india ink, acrylic polymer paints, watercolor paints, enamel spray paint, and tempera paints, modeling compound, crayons, adhesives, markers, oil pastels, colored pencils, drawing pencils, construction paper and art papers.
Students paint their cells using underglazes (2-3 coats) and coat them with a clear glaze before firing.
Use wet stoneware clay and commercial premixed glazes and underglazes in a selection of assorted colors.
WHEN PREPARING for the image transfer, part of the technique may take a couple of classes so the underglazes can dry.
This technique can be applied to ceramics with plaster or paper, slip and underglazes.
The Las Vegas exhibition, Connie Norman: Words and Patterns, was also the first instance where the artist used various underglazes.
The colors are brighter and more saturated than other glazes, and the underglazes are compatible with both the earthenware and stoneware covering glaze.
Colored underglazes were applied next with soft brushes.
Make images on reusable stencils, silk screens and relief blocks; use overglazes, underglazes, engobes and coloured red slips to craft unique monoprints; or create decals from ceramic inks or laser prints.