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 (ŭn′dər-grăd′) Informal
An undergraduate.


(Education) informal a short form of undergraduate


(ˈʌn dərˌgræd)

Informal. an undergraduate.
[1825–30; by shortening]
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Noun1.undergrad - a university student who has not yet received a first degreeundergrad - a university student who has not yet received a first degree
co-ed, college girl - a female student at a coeducational college or university
college boy, college man, collegian - a student (or former student) at a college or university
lowerclassman, underclassman - an undergraduate who is not yet a senior
senior - an undergraduate student during the year preceding graduation


[ˈʌndərgræd] nétudiant(e) m/f de premier cycle
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Speaking to the publication, an employee of undergrad watering hole Joe's Bar reported seeing Isaac enjoying a tipple or two.
The organizer of a competition for undergrad and graduate students hopes to enlist faculty in identifying research projects on energy conservation and renewable energy.
From PCs to mobile devices, this surveys different platforms and provides undergrad students in computer science with a survey that covers all the basics, contrasting different systems and their strengths.
are overwhelmingly male at the undergrad level-63 percent versus 45 percent female.
As part of the award, Knott presented highlights of his undergrad research at the CSC's 99th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition this past June in Halifax.
Patel went to undergrad at Baylor University where she obtained her B.
A professor at Cornell since 2004, Nicholson teaches two popular undergrad courses, Pharmaceutical Policy and the U.
As many as 752 graduates of Heavy Industries Taxila Education City (HITEC) University have been awarded Undergrad, MS and PhD degrees at its second convocation recently held in Convention Centre Islamabad.
He received his undergrad and his MBA in Healthcare Administration from the University of Colorado in Denver.
As an undergrad at Yale University, she studied feminist and ethnic studies, and researched lesbian-feminist organizing in Mexico and Chile.
Research found that master's enrollment is sensitive to WTI spot prices, gasoline prices, and undergrad enrollment.
But rather than adopting a curmudgeony approach like yours truly, University of Michigan undergrad Becca Soverinksy, a writer, proposes another way to cope with the "communal misery" of the Yom Kippur "hangry time": with a logical sense of humor.