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Noun1.underground press - a system of clandestine printing and distribution of dissident or banned literature
print media - a medium that disseminates printed matter
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Contract notice: Supply and maintenance underground press containers.
Adam Michnik, a Polish attendee, was already championing the underground press in Warsaw and the Workers' Defense Committee, the first major anti-Communist organization in Eastern Europe.
Police seized an underground press in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria for allegedly printing leaflets against the security forces, security officials said.
On the ground; an illustrated anecdotal history of the sixties underground press in the U.
Reading the collections of the underground press from half a century ago makes time traveling real.
Smoking Typewriters: The Sixties Underground Press and the Rise of Alternative Media in America, John McMillan, Oxford University Press, 304 pages]
Another artist/designer, Zimbres, was honored as the innovative and provocative editor of ANIMAL magazine, published in the late '80s and early '90s, the most important comic in the history of the Brazilian underground press.
The US mainstream and underground press has been falling in love with the Ting Tings and "We Started Nothing":
Winkowski's first experience in printing was during the 1980s with the underground press when Poland was under oppressive martial law.
In addition to 147 club posters (including 25 by Victor Moscoso and 22 by Wes Wilson), 21 LP album covers, 139 documentary photographs, there was plenty of ephemera: 15 books, 22 newspaper clippings, and 20 magazine articles culled entirely from the underground press (save Time and Life magazines).
The album was released by York based label Hangmans Joke to great critical acclaim by the underground press and international glossies such as Kerrang and Rock Sound Magazine.

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