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1. Acting or done in a deceptive, secret, or sly manner; dishonest and sneaky. See Synonyms at secret.
2. Underhand: an underhanded toss.
1. In a sly and secret way.
2. With an underhand movement.

un′der·hand′ed·ly adv.
un′der·hand′ed·ness n.
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It's the craftiness and underhandedness of your actions that's the worst," said Miranda coldly.
A personality of smallness and egotism and petty underhandedness seemed to emanate from the letters themselves.
The foreign policy chief for Presidents Nixon and Ford has been portrayed in dozens of books and by countless witnesses as a coddler of dictators, a cynical practitioner of realpolitik, a war monger, a suck-up to superiors, and a tyrant to subordinates--his genius and wit matched only by his underhandedness.
When they were chosen to represent the United States at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, they overcame poor health, tragedy, and Nazi underhandedness to walk away with the gold medal.
The intrigues, improprieties and illegalities would be difficult to measure precisely, particularly because an election that was unpopular was often portrayed as the result of underhandedness.