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Steve Devlin's subsequent penalty was brilliantly blocked by Breedon but undermanned Brakes couldn't summon up an equaliser.
Here's how our online readers responded: Graeme McLeish said: "If the cops say they are undermanned, they are undermanned; if nurses and doctors say they are understaffed and there is a shortage of beds, they are; if teachers say there are problems in schools, there are.
The police likewise are undermanned, tied up with paperwork.
Reece says: "It's chilling how many people go missing every year and how underfunded and undermanned the efforts are to find them in what can be a horrifying twilight world.
Barca is looking to strengthen their undermanned defensive line, with ageing skipper Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique being the only decent options at centre-back.
Capital police is highly undermanned to deal with the law and order situation in Islamabad.
UNAMID is composed almost totally of African Union troops but is underequipped and undermanned to fully carry out the mission of protection in Darfur.
Manila defeated undermanned QR Singapore 4-0 (3,299-2,759) in what was both teams' opening fixture.
Your Poem OUR BROKEN SOCIETY TWO world wars were fought To keep our country free Now we are being attacked By our own society Four nights of riots In cities north and south Destruction and devastation By thugs and parasites Politicians spouting empty words Making us think they cared The police force were undermanned An anarchy swept the land Our country once proud and great Has become undisciplined and unsafe No jobs for our young people Has made them disillusioned One parent families struggling alone Well now it's all come home What can we do to put it right It will be a long hard fight Let's hope the future Positive action will be taken In home and schools Across the nation I pray law and order Will prevail And our broken society Will become whole again.
By providing increased opportunity to convert to undermanned rates, our goal is to keep high-performing Sailors in the Navy while increasing competition and advancement opportunity in those overmanned ratings.
Let me explain, whereas the first-class lounge of the public sector luxury cruise liner is full to capacity, the engine room is grossly undermanned and therefore unable to make headway in these rough seas.
If they qualify, Sailors may convert to undermanned ratings.