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v. un·der·per·formed, un·der·per·form·ing, un·der·per·forms
1. To perform not as well as (something else): three stocks that underperformed the market as a whole.
2. To perform (a musical or theatrical work, for example) too seldom: In recent years, her plays have been underperformed.
To exhibit a level of performance that is below the standard: a company that underperformed last year.

un′der·per·for′mance n.
un′der·per·form′er n.


1. (Stock Exchange) stock exchange (of a stock or share) to yield a lower return than (the market as a whole)
2. (intr) to perform less well than expected


(ˌʌn dər pərˈfɔrm)

v.t., v.i.
to perform less well than (others of its kind) or less well than expected.
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Verb1.underperform - perform less well or with less success than expectedunderperform - perform less well or with less success than expected; "John consistently underachieves, although he is very able"; "My stocks underperformed last year"
do, perform - get (something) done; "I did my job"
2.underperform - perform too rarelyunderperform - perform too rarely; "Her plays are underperformed, although they are very good"
performing arts - arts or skills that require public performance
perform - give a performance (of something); "Horowitz is performing at Carnegie Hall tonight"; "We performed a popular Gilbert and Sullivan opera"


[ˌʌndəpəˈfɔːm] VI
1. (St Ex) → comportarse mal, tener un mal comportamiento
the stock has underperformed on the Brussels stock marketlas acciones han tenido un mal comportamiento en la bolsa de Bruselas
2. (at work, in school) → rendir poco
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We believe the root cause of the underperformance falls at the feet of management - specifically Chairman, CEO and Founder Chad Williams.
Moody's Investors Service said that the Cypriot bank's underperformance in the first quarter of the year in meeting loan restructuring indicators set by their supervisor is a credit negative, adding that the overall improvement in asset quality has been so far "lethargic".
Tenders are invited for the department of public expenditure and reform~s requirement for delivery of training for line managers across the civil service exists within context of; the development of a new underperformance policy which outlines the procedures for managing underperformance across the civil service; and the revision of the civil service disciplinary code; requirement to train approximately 11,000 line managers across the civil service by means of a two-day training course.
However, according to Citi, the recent underperformance is driven by the local bid for Lebanese debt corrupting the relationship between fundamentals and pricing.
made me wonder why leaders are so hesitant to tackle underperformance.
But the Research Affiliates duo take readers inside the pressure-filled world of investment fiduciaries who have the responsibility to report and act on manager underperformance on a quarterly basis.
Political consensus remains in favour of structural adjustments through the country's IMF programme, but sustained fiscal consolidation will be challenging if there is growth underperformance or reform fatigue.
a[bar] but recent underperformance and the current share price level brings opportunities.
As most private equity firms are less than 20 people, dealing with all the issues that underperformance brings was a huge drain on internal resources.
4 million in the six months to January 31 came as good performances in the UK, Germany and US were offset by declines in the Middle East and underperformance in Scandinavia.
The ratings agency cut Portugal's long-term foreign and local currency issuer default ratings to double-A-minus from double-A, citing significant budget underperformance in 2009.
TA) has approved a new bonus policy that would penalise the bank's top executives for underperformance.