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1. Of or having a frame that is suspended from the axles rather than supported by them: a car with an underslung chassis; an underslung roadster.
2. Supported from above.
3. Having a low center of gravity.


1. (General Engineering) suspended below a supporting member, esp (of a motor vehicle chassis) suspended below the axles
2. (General Engineering) having a low centre of gravity


(ˈʌn dərˈslʌŋ)

1. suspended from an upper support, as the chassis of a vehicle from the axles.
2. more massive at the bottom than the top; squat.
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Adj.1.underslung - supported from above especially in a vehicle having springs attached to the axle from belowunderslung - supported from above especially in a vehicle having springs attached to the axle from below
supported - held up or having the weight borne especially from below; "supported joints in a railroad track have ties directly under the rail ends"
2.underslung - having a lower part projecting beyond the upperunderslung - having a lower part projecting beyond the upper; "an underhung jaw"; "undershot bulldog"
protrusive - thrusting outward
3.underslung - having a low center of gravityunderslung - having a low center of gravity; built low to the ground
low - literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension; "low ceilings"; "low clouds"; "low hills"; "the sun is low"; "low furniture"; "a low bow"


[ˈʌndəslʌŋ] ADJ (Aut) → colgante
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5 Kva Transformer Shall Be Procured From Previous Suppliers Of 3 Kva / 5Kva Underslung Transformers To Icf/Rcf Or Rdso Approved Sources For 9Kva/15Kva Transformer For Lhb Eog Coaches Or 50Kva/ 60Kva Transformer For Eog Ac Coaches.
The craft is being designed to transport heavy and oversized cargo of up to 60 tonnes either in its 75m-long hold or underslung, at speeds of 100km/h with a range of several thousand kilometres per day.
For the rest, it's the exuberant piano and horn sounds of Cuba underslung by a bed of congas and other percussion, with Bona's bass weaving through it and his voice soaring over the top.
The gloves have an ergonomic design with an underslung thumb, which matches the natural position of the hand at rest.
The JDN range covers both single and double girder overhead travelling cranes, together with slewing jib cranes and underslung cranes incorporating purpose designed low headroom hoist trolley designs.
00 hours on that date, intelligence was received from a local person of an attack by insurgents and although that information was relayed to TCP 40, this attack began almost immediately by way of the simultaneous use of small arms fire, grenades and underslung grenade launchers, from a number of different firing points.
The equipment includes 200 53-footdry containers to be dedicated exclusively for the Puerto Rico trade route; 200 45-foot (102-inch wide) dry containers; 500 20-foot dry containers; 1,000 40-foot dry high-cube containers; 337 40-foot refrigerated high-cube containers; 30 20-foot refrigerated containers; 461 underslung gensets; and 75 nose mount gensets, said John Hourihan, Crowley general manager of Puerto Rico/Caribbean.
A new underslung exhaust exits higher up on the bike and it both looks and sounds more aggressive.
Styling is overhauled by the new underslung exhaust that also exits higher up on the bike, and it both looks and sounds more aggressive.
wide; underslung and top mount; cast-cap narrow I-beam mounts; weld-on and bolt-on hangers available; mounting heights from 6.
Ingham said: "This is actually an intelligent cargo hook for helicopter pilots who need to underslung carry loads.
Its head looks strange and has an almost seal-like appearance with a small, shark-like underslung jaw and long, curved, sharp teeth.