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That money could be used for hiring more workers for the understaffed call center.
The employees, members of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), say the understaffed facilities and gross mismanagement are harmful to veterans.
In June 2014 Holyhead had 204 hours of understaffed shifts, compared to 120 hours a year earlier.
He outlined that it was understaffed and overcrowded, leaving him felling "ashamed".
If MPs worked in hospitals instead of sitting in parliament falling asleep and just nodding, perhaps they would know how hard nurses and doctors worked and realise how understaffed hospitals are.
UNDERSTAFFED As if that wasn't bad enough, the Sunday Mirror today reveals that even this poor service will get worse over the critical Christmas period, when it will be chronically understaffed.
Summary: A survey has found that more than half of nurses think their ward or unit is dangerously understaffed.
It comes after the group learnt that the Coastguard service is currently 25% understaffed.
The writers stated that they were constantly understaffed and unable to take time off because of the need to fill in for the shortages.
He said: "Historically the DMS has been 35% understaffed, with headline figures of a 42% staff shortfall in anaesthesia and intensive care medicines, 50% in psychiatrists and 25% in GPs.
An example of a neutral reason is an understaffed prosecutor's office (United States v.