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Signature dishes include Maryland crab cakes, a New England favourite, and Martha's seafood platter, named after the understatedly glamorous town of Martha's Vineyard in Cape Cod.
There was perhaps a shade too much gipsy music in the offerings, though I wouldn't have missed le Page's understatedly virtuosic Tzigane, composed by Ravel for d'Aranyi, and scattered with demanding multiple-stoppings.
With the debut of the Submariner, Rolex became known for what horology fiends understatedly refer to as the "tool watch"--and the brand has never looked back.
It is thus not surprising that Luiz Ruffato's Vista parcial da noite is cast in a somber tone, repeatedly marked by night's darkness--and understatedly evoking the oppressive mark of the dictatorship--evident at the outset from its title.
Owners Pamela Valdes and brother Gabriel Panlilio established Aminsana as a venue that is relaxed but is also understatedly elegant and intimate.
This understatedly huge improvement allows for EFBs with geo-referenced charts to display ownship position.
Since their first gig in 2006, the Manchester four-piece have been plugging away consistently, almost understatedly, gathering an army of fans and - more to the point - keeping them.
IF you like your soul music understatedly robust, warm and fizzing with feeling, Michael Kiwanuka is your man.
But this spring, at long last, Writers took up residence in a home of its own: an understatedly impressive facility designed by award-winning Chicago architect Jeanne Gang.
15) At its most extreme, this heat conduction through the crust can cause the surface of the planet to melt (named, understatedly, as a "resurfacing event") as apparently happened on Venus about a billion years ago.
The line is characterized by understatedly elegant deco and color schemes that epitomize a quote from one of Italy's most famous design innovators, Leonardo Da Vinci, "La semplicita e l'ultima sofisticazione," or "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.