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n. pl. un·der·sto·ries
An underlying layer of vegetation, especially the plants that grow beneath a forest's canopy.
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The structure involves a dense overhead canopy and an understory dense enough to greatly reduce the wind.
DESCRIPTION: This project will enhance, conserve, and restore the native plant communities of this region through the removal of exotic plant species and the planting of native trees and understory planting.
With this new funding, Understory will implement the planned and approved deployment of its network of patent-pending weather stations across the Kansas City, MO metropolitan area.
Eugene Park Stewards, city of Eugene Parks and Open Space - Volunteers needed to remove ivy and other ecological weeds from trees and the understory in the forest from 9 a.
The plant is a small understory tree found only on the main island of New Caledonia in the South Pacific.
The topics include the synthesis of a long-term study of tropical dry forest ecological succession in Mexico, edge influence on canopy openness and understory microclimate in two neotropical dry forest fragments, fruit-eating bats and birds of three seasonal tropical dry forests in the Americas, interspecific and interannual variation in foliar phenological patterns in a successional mosaic of a dry forest in the Central LLanos of Venezuela, and analyzing the history of land use and present socio-ecological struggles in Latin American tropical dry forests.
8-4 km, and the canopy of the 3,562 ha was mixed native seral stage with mixed seral stage understory of native and exotic vegetation.
Here we provide a description of one or more aspects of the breeding biology for 28 co-existing forest dependent understory bird species on the Amani Plateau in EUM.
Here is the intricate understory of two courageous, astute Jewish businesswomen who had what it takes to succeed in a new fashion field.
We also want to plant native understory plants to make it a healthy ecosystem.
The present study was undertaken to determine the woody overstory and understory species composition and structure of a degraded sand savanna at Sand Ridge State.
Some studies have shown, however, that the type of weed management practice adopted in any orchard understory could impact both the above and below-ground arthropod communities (Altieri & Whitcomb 1980; Brown & Gange 1990; Andow 1991; Mathews et al.