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n. pl. un·der·sto·ries
An underlying layer of vegetation, especially the plants that grow beneath a forest's canopy.
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The impacts of fragmentation on forest structure can extend up to 75 m into a patch and can include decreased canopy coverage, increased understory tree density, increased shrub abundance, and increased herbaceous cover (Harper et al.
Dwarf bamboo, a dominant understory clonal plant in temperate forests, is recognized to be an key factor for forest regeneration.
Nevertheless, the adoption of tropical forage legumes in the understory of silvopastoral systems has been little studied (Barcellos et al.
They are also a sensitive indicator of human impacts because their populations respond to changes in the structure of the forest understory (Shepherd and Ditgen, 2005).
Many of these characteristics are typical of forest-interior bird species, especially, understory insectivores (Lees & Peres, 2008; Sanchez, Vargas-Castro, Avalos, & Paniagua, 2014).
Tenders are invited for the work covered under this solicitation shall consist of the labor, equipment, materials, tools, transportation, and incidentals necessary to: mechanically mow and/or cut and mulch woody understory vegetation through 172 total acres at the rock dell and gordon w.
Woodlands have an understory of shrubs and herbaceous plants including grasses.
The 'alala requires native 'ohi'a forest with a thick understory of native plants as food and for protection from the endangered 'io or Hawaiian hawk (Buteo solitaries), which preys on the 'alala.
The author has organized the main body of his text in nine chapters devoted to the reading-writing connection, fact and truth, story and understory, beginnings, endings, and titles, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
The structure involves a dense overhead canopy and an understory dense enough to greatly reduce the wind.
This, considering the importance of SLA as a guide to understanding forest changes, this paper aimed to determine the influence of the disturbance regime in the study areas on the SLA of understory species, considering that, unlike the communities as a whole, the increase in the intensity of disturbance implies a decrease in SLA in species from this stratum.