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v. un·der·wrote (-rōt′), un·der·writ·ten (-rĭt′n), un·der·writ·ing, un·der·writes
a. To assume financial responsibility for; agree to pay the costs of: underwrite a theatrical production.
b. To supply with funding, especially as a sponsor: underwrite a public television show.
a. To sign (an insurance policy) so as to assume liability in case of specified losses.
b. To insure.
c. To insure against losses totaling (a given amount).
a. To guarantee the purchase of (a full issue of stocks or bonds).
b. To agree to buy the unsold part of (stock not yet sold publicly) at a fixed time and price.
a. To write under or at the end of something.
b. To subscribe to, especially to sign or endorse (a document).
5. To support or agree to (a decision, for example).
To act as an underwriter, especially to issue an insurance policy.


1. (Banking & Finance) finance the act of undertaking to purchase at an agreed price any unsold portion of a public issue of shares etc
2. (Banking & Finance) the act of accepting financial responsibility for a commercial project or enterprise
3. (Insurance) insurance the act of signing and issuing an insurance policy, thus accepting liability if specified losses occur
4. (Insurance) insurance the act of insuring a property or risk
5. (Insurance) insurance the act of accepting liability up to a specified amount in an insurance policy
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MVRs have been used for a long time, and technology is advancing carriers' ability to use motor vehicle data sets more efficiently and effectively," said John Wilson, assistant vice president of analytics for ChoicePoint--the creator of CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) reports.
8) Underwriting and dealing in, to a limited extent, all types of debt and equity securities that a member bank may not underwrite or deal in, except for ownership interests in open-end investment companies ("bank-ineligible securities"); and
The company was named the recipient of this year's E-Fusion Award for Underwriting and Pricing.
6) Underwriting and dealing in, to a limited extent, all types of debt and equity securities, except ownership interests in open-end investment companies ("bank-ineligible securities") through Mabon.
Problems also can arise when insurance carriers establish growth targets that are out of synch with the underwriting strategy.
A bank therefore has less incentive to risk its own reputation or expose itself or its customers to loss to assist a troubled section 20 affiliate or a failed underwriting by that affiliate.
We propose that underwriting began as an art and has developed into more of a science.
iNB creates a paperless process and supports the automation of routine life underwriting decisions.

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