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1. Not likely to please; objectionable: undesirable intrusions.
2. Not wanted: undesirable aliens.
A person regarded as undesirable: "men tentatively regarded as scoundrels—or at least as undesirables" (New York).

un′de·sir′a·bil′i·ty n.
un′de·sir′a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.undesirably - in an undesirable manner; "he was unwantedly friendly"
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Guest-avoidance tactics are difficult to implement, when you are undesirably visited by your relatives, particularly your in-laws.
Unscrupulous business practices by companies selling baby formula, social norms that downplay the immense nutritional and health value of breast milk, and time constraints for working mothers, both in terms of homemaking and jobs outside the home, have helped sustain the sale of baby formula at undesirably high levels.
Depression is one of a devastating condition that undesirably affects different aspects of an individuals life and health.
One way is to dump this CO2 in the land or ocean which will again undesirably affect land fertility and aquatic life as well.
A report prepared by the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) said that she restated that the persistence of undesirably low inflation this year has been a surprise.
The weak peso hasn't provided the expected lift to exports and manufacturing yet, but rather has undesirably raised the import bill,' Moody's Analytics said.
Speaking at a seminar here on Monday , she said that complementary feeding rates are undesirably low in Pakistan compared to other countries in the region and urged to improve timely complementary feeding.
Owners, too, often become tense in the presence of the dog's trigger, either because they're also on hyper-alert following an attack, or because they worry their dog will react undesirably.
Basically, the ordinary players' bets by themselves were too similar and led to undesirably low payoffs.
Damage caps might bring about alterations in physician routines insofar as they diminish the expense of confusion to physicians regarding whether their routine patterns differ undesirably from conventional market ones.
In addition, overall morale of employees in an organization can be undesirably affected by contagious negative mind set and actions which accompany high turnover intention (Costigan et al.
To avoid having to declare nutrition information in undesirably large amounts for some nutrients, companies may look to resize those larger packages to smaller containers closer to the 12 fl oz RACC/ serving size.