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 (ŭn-dēn′, ŭn′dēn′)
In the occult philosophy of Paracelsus, a being having water as its element.

[New Latin undīna, from Latin unda, wave; see wed- in Indo-European roots.]


(Classical Myth & Legend) any of various female water spirits
[C17: from New Latin undina, from Latin unda a wave]


(ʌnˈdin, ˈʌn din)

(orig. in the writings of Paracelsus) any of a group of elemental beings, female and mortal, but soulless, that live in water. Compare sylph (def. 2).
[< New Latin undīna < Latin und(a) wave, water]


according to Paracelsus, a water nymph or spirit, female in form and lacking a soul until married to a mortal and mother of his child.
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Noun1.undine - any of various female water spiritsundine - any of various female water spirits
water spirit, water sprite, water nymph - a fairy that inhabits water
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I agree not to expect anything from Mother or you, but I do want to buy UNDINE AND SINTRAM for myself.
The thread of the novel's analysis of the print-culture products Undine consumes generates a shadow-narrative of the demands made by the market on Wharton's practice as a novelist and her ambivalence toward a weak culture of the hereditary elite The Custom of the Country praises and condemns.
Two artist records were set: Isamu Noguchi's Undine (Nadja) soared to $4,226,500 (est.
Two artist records were set: Isamu Noguchi's Undine (Nadja) soared to $4,226,500 and Salvador DalUa's Spectre du soir sur la plage totaled $5,682,500.
After the MacDonald comes one of the classic literary fairy-tales, or marchen, of German Romanticism, Friedrich de la Motte Fouque's Undine [1811], the tale of the tragic love between a human knight and a beautiful but soul-less elemental, the water-spirit Undine.
Nin, an undue idea on end, anidian eddy, anidian dune, a denuded undine nun, a deo, a neo-Nana, Danae, Danu, Diana, a noonday Onanoid dandy, a union in deed and a union denied, Nin, a neon ode--done, undone, ended [Sara Bailey]
The line-up of composers represented includes the reasonably well-known (Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, William Grant Still), but there are many less familiar: Margaret Bonds, Undine Smith Moore, Betty Jackson King, Julia Perry and Florence Price - not only black composers, but women as well.
For Hughes settings by Price and Bonds, see Watch and Pray: Spirituals and Art Songs by African-American Women Composers, music of Betty Jackson King, Margaret Bonds, Undine Smith Moore, Florence Price, and Julia Perry Videmus (Koch, 1994); and Dreamer: A Portrait of Langston Hughes (Naxos Records, 2002).
Akari wants to be a gondolier tour guide, or Undine.
Superbly narrated by Mellisaa Eccleston, "Undine" by Penni Russon is the story of Undine, a young girl who gets along quite well with her somewhat eccentric mother, loves her little baby brother, and is best friends with her next-door neighbor Trout--who has something of a crush on her.
Starship Captain Jesse Sanders finds himself in such a predicament after passing out in a bar on planet Undine.
But there were days when Lucy in particular longed for the books at home: for Undine and The Last of the Mohicans, and the green-and-gold regiment of the Waverley novels in the library, and the Crimson Fairy Book with all its coloured companions in the sitting-room upstairs, where she could sit and read, hidden yet with one ear cocked for Louisas voice.