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Not tactful or diplomatic.

un·dip′lo·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.undiplomatically - without diplomacy; in an undiplomatic manner; "she declined the invitation undiplomatically"
diplomatically - with diplomacy; in a diplomatic manner; "he answered very diplomatically"
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It was set in movement quite undiplomatically and simply by Falk's appearance in the doorway.
The row even took to Twitter, where ruling DISY's spokesman and deputy responded rather undiplomatically to a tweet by Omirou, which argued that it is "reasonable and proper that the House plenum on insolvency be held without the risk of distorting the body's true wishes".
When in January 2001 the head of a United Nations agency paid a visit to Yemen and eagerly asked the president about progress in preparing for the conference, Saleh declared rather undiplomatically and in sharp words that qat was solely a Yemeni concern and "not a problem.
The Russians," she undiplomatically said, "are bent on world dominance.
She has a track record of speaking out of turn or undiplomatically, though she often complains that opponents misquote her or deliberately take her comments out of context.
The Israeli-Iranian singer Rita came to the UN last week and gave a show that united Israelis and Iranians (albeit non-official Iranians) along with UN diplomats who gyrated undiplomatically.
So it shouldn't come as surprise to see Canada behave undiplomatically, jump on Israel's bandwagon (which has at least 200 nuclear warheads), and announce in broad daylight that it cannot stand the idea of a nuclear Iran.
Catherine the Great haughtily had rebuffed Britain's bid for 20,000 Russian soldiers, undiplomatically insulting the King as she turned him down, but several German principalities had jumped at the chance to help George IN--who was of German descent as well as being the elector of Hanover--and incidentally to employ their idle and expensive regiments.
Undiplomatically said, it can be expected for the Alliance to tap us on the shoulder, say that it is good that we participate in peacekeeping missions, and hear boasts for the reforms in certain spheres and it would not be a surprise if it makes remarks on certain stagnations.
On the issue of Myanmar, the US President was almost undiplomatically frank noting that faced with "gross violations of human rights" in Burma, "it is the responsibility of the international community -- especially leaders like the United States and India -- to condemn it".
An insult to injury was added because they were, most undiplomatically, made in India.