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Not tactful or diplomatic.

un·dip′lo·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.undiplomatically - without diplomacy; in an undiplomatic manner; "she declined the invitation undiplomatically"
diplomatically - with diplomacy; in a diplomatic manner; "he answered very diplomatically"
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It was set in movement quite undiplomatically and simply by Falk's appearance in the doorway.
President Donald Trump's New Year's Day tweet, Haqqani said Trump's language was undeniably, and undiplomatically harsh.
Then he gleefully and undiplomatically soaked up the praise of his ex-fans after a stinging home defeat to Bristol City while irate Aitor Karanka gave him a death stare.
During the TNA leaders meeting, the Chief Minister Wigneswaran undiplomatically announced, that at any cost, he would not nominate as ministers, anyone of the five ITAK Councilors - Emanuel Arnold, Chandralingham Sugirthan, Kesavan Sayanthan, Ariyakutty Paramsothy and Ayoop Asim.
The kow-towing to Netanyahu came, it should be recalled, at a time when he had more aggressively opposed the American president than any other Zionist leader before him, a man who openly, and clearly undiplomatically, rooted against Obama's election in 2012, and lobbied in the US, equally, undiplomatically, against his Iran nuclear deal.
And he has undiplomatically attacked Britain for our role in Libya, blaming David Cameron for being "distracted".
The row even took to Twitter, where ruling DISY's spokesman and deputy responded rather undiplomatically to a tweet by Omirou, which argued that it is "reasonable and proper that the House plenum on insolvency be held without the risk of distorting the body's true wishes".
When in January 2001 the head of a United Nations agency paid a visit to Yemen and eagerly asked the president about progress in preparing for the conference, Saleh declared rather undiplomatically and in sharp words that qat was solely a Yemeni concern and "not a problem.
To say it undiplomatically, we are breaking the law," he said.
Kennedy has quickly surprised her Japanese hosts by being undiplomatically frank on delicate issues.
The Russians," she undiplomatically said, "are bent on world dominance.