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1. Not settled, removed, or resolved: undisposed assets.
2. Disinclined; unwilling: undisposed to help us.


1. not disposed of, kept; unresolved
2. not willing or inclined


(ˌʌn dɪˈspoʊzd)

1. not disposed of.
2. not willing or inclined.


adj undisposed of (Comm) → unverkauft
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As Nicholas opened his mouth, to request the young man to turn to letter S, and let him know what secretaryships remained undisposed of, there came into the office an applicant, in whose favour he immediately retired, and whose appearance both surprised and interested him.
Augustine I wrote a letter full of thanks for his just dealings, and the offer of the eight hundred and seventy-two moidores which were undisposed of, which I desired might be given, five hundred to the monastery, and three hundred and seventy-two to the poor, as the prior should direct; desiring the good padre's prayers for me, and the like.
It involves abandoning the idea that the unpredisposed who accept government-issued temptation are not culpable and, instead, admits that they are culpable but insists that they should nonetheless not be punished so as to save the truly innocent undisposed people from unnecessary government prodding.
65 billion yen to eliminate undisposed losses totaling 10.
According to Martin Day, around 500 people have been killed or seriously injured by mines or abandoned weapons since the 1950s, the vast majority of the victims were Masai and 90% were children, injured or killed while playing with undisposed weapons.
Inducement" may be defined as government conduct which creates a substantial risk that an undisposed person or otherwise law-abiding citizen would commit the offense.
5); the Neo-Thomist conclusion--that God is immutable in himself and mutable in his creaturely relations--is not likely to convince the undisposed.
The government has now ordered an investigation after the EPA said the amount of undisposed waste here is growing by 13 per cent a year.
This is the dilemma that da Gama will have to solve in petitioning the king: it is the difficulty of persuading an audience that is not merely undisposed and therefore unreceptive but also indecisive and vulnerable to superstitious and corrupt ministers.
Undisposed of shares transferred to the long-term category after, the one-year holding period is met take the average cost of the disposed of shares as their adjusted basis.
While evidence that the Government engaged in persuasion, threats, coercive tactics, harassment, or pleas based on sympathy or friendship may amount to inducement, most courts also require the defendant to demonstrate that the described Government conduct created a substantial risk that an undisposed person or otherwise law-abiding citizen would commit the offense.
6 million non-voting Penn National Gaming common shares or equivalents prior to the spin-off, or, if it does not, Penn National Gaming has the right to repurchase the undisposed share for $67 per share.