retained earnings

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re·tained earnings

The accumulated net income retained for reinvestment in a business, rather than being paid out in dividends to stockholders.
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The overseas investors demanded that the amendments made in Finance Act 2017 in respect of tax on undistributed profits should be revoked and tax on bonus shares be repealed.
The core capital reserves and undistributed profits of conventional banks as at the end of December 2017 stood at RO4.
To be able to make the fast-track, projects must meet certain criteria, including a minimum amount of AaAaAeA AaAaAeAo5 million, 75 per cent being from f capital directly linked to the project, undistributed profits, loan capital, or from the issue of shares.
In the period 2009-2015 in the midst of the global and European crisis, the government exempted companies from paying undistributed profits tax.
The study has been done with a view to analyze the performance of the Primary Agricultural Development Banks in Punjab in terms of growth of number of PADBs, Membership, Share capital, Undistributed Profits, Recovery and Non performing Assets (NPA).
The minister said that the amount subject to compensation was allocated from the undistributed profits of the government companies in
Shrestha says, the bank has retained Rs 110 million in undistributed profits in its reserves.
Although separate skirmishes publicized deficit spending, the ideological issue was governmental activism; and as for policy, by the late 1930s tax reform had replaced deficit spending as the focus of business attacks on the New Deal (backed by a well-funded lobbying campaign, and with their numbers strengthened in the 1938 midterm election, congressional conservatives succeeded in rescinding the graduated corporate income tax and the undistributed profits tax by 1939), a configuration of battle lines recognizable today.
The second rule is that dividend pay-outs are limited to the size of the profit for the respective year, but also undistributed profits from previous years and excess funds from the previously mentioned funds, minus losses from previous years and the contributions to the mandatory funds.
Dividends must be drawn from the company's "distributable reserves", which are comprised in the main of previous undistributed profits or profits identified by a set of accounts as already having been made.
A tax on undistributed profits would prevent companies from expanding recklessly during prosperous years.
Tolkien's heirs claimed the studio owed it millions of pounds in undistributed profits from the three films, which made pounds 1.